How to easily earn money on the internet?

After going to our research panel you can start earning money right away.

How to get started?
The first step is to register at our website. Registering includes filling in your basic information, especially: your e-mail address, date of birth and gender. Please remember that the given information must be true – that will ensure an easy flow of information and earned cash. You may register at the panel website or at the respondent's portal by going to

Register take paid surveys and earn using a smartphone.

The second step is to confirm your identity and registration at the website. To verify your information, you must click the link sent to you via email. Please remember to check the Promotions and Spam folder if you can’t find the activation email.

To ensure that our emails go to your inbox and not to spam, please add portal to your contact list or address book.

The third step requires spending few minutes on filling your profile. That way you will be added to the right surveys rather than waste time on ineffective research. Even filling your profile will grant you points (and every point translates to money earned), and you can update it every 6 months.

The fourth step is awaiting a survey. When a research fitting your profile will be available, you will usually get a notification via email. This way you will not miss out on increasing your balance on our on-line panel. It is also important due to temporality of the research – after a few days (and sometimes even hours) the survey will be inactive.

Remember that we don’t inform about all surveys via email and some of the notifications may get lost in the ocean of other correspondence, so it’s good to get a daily habit, for example during the morning coffee, of logging to your respondent’s panel – in order to check if there are any new surveys ready to be filled out (that is, if there is a chance to earn some money on-line).

You can also receive notifications regarding new surveys via WhatsApp and Facebook messenger apps and chrome plug-ins (so that the surveys pop-up directly on your phone or on the side of your computer screen). These options can be turned on (and equally easily turned off) in configuration settings on your personal account at the research panel

The third step requires spending few minutes on filling your profile.

The fifth step is taking the survey. Again, remember that the given answers need to be thought through and honest. Remember – your work with our online surveys, your input in market research ordered by various companies is very important. Based on these surveys, important decisions are made that may influence also your life. By giving honest answers, there’s nothing to worry about as the paid online surveys on our panel are fully anonymous.

After finishing a survey, we can check how much we have earned. The TGM panel offers payment for the taken survey in AED and points (1 pt = 1 USD). You will also receive 0.015 point for time spent if you will not qualify for the research (closed survey, full quota, different respondent profile required, etc.)

The sixth step is the nicest one, as it includes receiving your payment. Remember to check the minimal amount required for a transfer. In case of TGM Panel, that amount equals to 12.38 USD for US dollars payments or 4 USD in case of a point balance payment

More and more research panels, including do PayPal transfers – We can later transfer the payment from the PayPal account to a regular bank account. After a few days, our money will be available at the final account.

It is also possible to use the earned sum to top-up your phone account (if you own a top-up phone).

The third method of cashing your payment is using Gcodes gift codes – more info at

Before the first payment you need to confirm your phone number – you can add it to your profile.

Remember to check the minimal amount required for a transfer. In case of TGM Panel, that amount equals to 16.83 AUD for Australian dollar payments or 5 AUD in case of a point balance payment


Isn’t that easy?

The time spent on your way to work, school, a meeting or on a coffee break, will be enough to easily and enjoyably earn money. Few minutes a day spent on taking surveys will raise our account balance.

But how to find paid surveys?

The surveys popping-up during surfing the net aren’t what we are looking for. They are free, and they will bring us nothing but wasted time.

To earn on taking surveys, we need to find a trustworthy research panel, which will guarantee us a payment for a survey we took. Recently there have been many of such portals on-line. Which one should I choose? You should obviously go for the one that is easy in use, legible and most importantly, it pays. Like We encourage you to register.

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